Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring is here, the sky is clear and the flowers in bloom. At long last, the clocks have shifted and the days are getting longer. Even this year, spring comes in when we are under such an uncertainty circumstance. There is no way we shouldn't enjoy the weather. This is the time for you to leave your dull skin behind and have a new, fresh, glowy skin!

Keep that in mind and let’s check out five things you should do to spring clean your beauty regime!


1. Check expiration dates

I don't know what better time than spring to clean out your skincare. Honestly, if you are like me, stock up skincare all year round, have a draw full of old and new skincare products, a tonne of samples and so many face masks, this is the time that you can have a check on that. It is not surprising that Korean products printed their manufacture/expiration date in Korean.

Carefully check your product's labels with this information below.

제조 = Manufactured date

까지 = Open-by date

There is the fact that makeup and skincare products do expire, and if you still use it, you put your skin at risk with break-outs and bacterial infections. Check the below table for more details of your skincare and cosmetics life span. If anything is expired, or even in doubt, throw it out.


2. Clean your storage and makeup brushes

While checking all of your beauty items, take some time to clean and sanitise them as well. Trust me when I say your make up table is a top breeding ground for bacteria, beauty products can be especially dangerous portals for germs. Give your makeup bag a deep clean, wipe down your storage containers and wash your brushes. Make sure you clean your skincare collection regularly.


3. Reorganise


So after lots of time to throw out expired products and clean up your makeup spaces, let's move to an even more exciting time, deep organisation. Take an honest look at what you have left and try to identify what you never use. Keep in mind a piece of advice from Marie Kondo "only keep items that bring you joy." Do you really need 10 shades of nude lipsticks in your collection? Get rid of unused items and keep your beauty product organised. Now, why not be a little creative with what's left? Reuse your candle jars or vintage teacups or even a pretty tray to display your favourite beauty items.


4. Update skincare routine

Since the weather is getting warmer, it is time for you to update some lighter skincare products for your spring clean routine too.



First, get rid of those dead skin from the long winter by exfoliating to renew skin for a healthy glow. We recommend Klavuu Revitalising Intensive Peeling Gel, with Korean pearl extract and mild seaweed ingredients, which gently removes dead surface skin cells and creates dramatic skin textural changes.




Multi-tasking Products

Unlike winter with layers of skincare products to protect your skin from the dryness, spring regiment needs a lighter base. Therefore, having multi-tasking products are essential. Missha Time Revolution Essence Rx is always my number one choice for anti-wrinkle, brightening effects while hydrating and rejuvenating your skin. This amazing essence is formulated with 95% circa yeast ferment together with rice extract.


Missha Time Revolution Essence Rx


Antioxidant Serum

During spring-time, having an antioxidant product will not only protect your skin from the sun but also keep your complexion looking younger for longer. There are all different kinds of antioxidants to choose from and most tend to boast another additional specialist skill, too, including Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Green tea, silymarin from milk thistle, coffeeberry and grape seed. Try our new Banobagi Milk Thistle Repair Serum with a strong antioxidant ingredient and skin-soothing effect as it contains burdock root extract instead of purified water. It will protect the skin irritated by UV rays and has excellent effects on skin brightening.


Banobagi Milk Thistle Repair Serum


Light-weight Cream

Heavy creams and moisturiser specifically designed for winter weather, now can make way for your lighter moisturisers. Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX can be the right choice. Formulated with Green Mineral Water, the cream keeps your skin hydrated and feeling fresh throughout the day. The texture is lightweight yet hydrating helping your skin to achieve dewy, bright and radiant skin.


Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX


Suncream SPF 50+

I don't know how many times I have told you this but suncream is a must during any season. Protecting yourself from UV rays should be as important as drinking water. If your sunscreen is below SPF 30, makes your skin too greasy, makes you break out, why not swap it for something like SPF 50+? Give Innisfree Intensive Long-Lasting Sunscreen SPF50+ a try. This non-greasy and highly water-resistant sun cream offer long-lasting sun protection with durable UV protection SPF50+ PA++++ leave the skin refreshed without stickiness.


Innistree Intensive Long-lasting Sunscreen SPF50+


Freshen up your skin with a spray mist

When the temperature goes up, having a spray mist in your bag is perfect. d'Alba Piedmont White Truffle First Spray Mist Serum can help freshen up, hydrate your skin anytime.


D'ALBA PIEDMONT White Truffle First Spray Mist Serum


Sheet Mask

Treat your skin to a sheet mask to calm down any redness due to season changes. Without a doubt, our favourite mask, Merbliss Wedding Dress Aloe Honey Soothing Clear Seal Mask is a total skin- savour.

A tip from Glamtouch is: store this mask in your fridge and enjoy an extra cooling effect.


Merbliss Wedding Dress Aloe Honey Soothing Clear Seal Mask


5. Brighten up your palette

When it is springtime and the summer coming soon, it is the time for a fresh palette of colour. During winter, you may get used to oxblood nail polish and dark red lipstick. Now you can revamp your beauty collection for the new season. Get a 'sun-kissed glow' look with sunny bronzers, coral eyeshadow and orange-red lipstick. Have a look at beautiful 3CE Beach Muse Multi Eye Color Palette, a limited edition pink and peach eyeshadow palette that contains nine different shades. This new palette will totally amaze you!


3CE Beach Muse Multi Eye Color Palette


Don't forget to share with us your favourite products for Springtime below.

Need more support for your skincare routine during Spring? Reach out for us at love@glamtouch.co.uk.


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