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MERBLISS stands for May Everyday Remain BLISS. It means that "A moment of happiness with MERBLISS".

Why does MERBLISS focus on the wedding dress ?

Merbliss Wedding Dress

When would a woman experience the greatest happiness in her life? Merbliss believes that the happiest moment for a woman in her life would be on her wedding day. Even though a wedding ceremony only lasts few hours, bliss moments during the course of preparation can't be described all in words.The most important day of woman's life, the day for woman to shine. Merbliss designed unique products to make you to feel this way not just once in your lifetime but every day.


Wedding Dress Series

Wedding Dress Sheet Masks are very popular for a good reason. Do you know that Korean celebrities love the ''Nude Seal Mask''? From Kpop idols to Kdrama actors, this mask has been the celebrities' favourite.


Merbliss Wedding Dress Mask


City Holic Lip Rouge

City Holic Lip Rouge is designed to fully express Merbliss's brand identity which was inspired by the curved layers of the wedding dress. City Holic Lip Rouge Glow makes your lips more vibrant with 4 different types of oil including avocado oil to keep your lips soft and moisturised while moisture type lip rouge delivers full color coverage while moisturizing your lips.



Merbliss Wedding Multi Cover Cushion

This all-in-one cushion contains cushion and concealer for base makeup, and duo colour lip & cheek palette will give you a flawless complexion with its buildable coverage.


Merbliss Cushion


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