D'ALBA PIEDMONT: All About White Truffle

    D'Alba is derived from d'Alba, an Italian sanctuary full of natural Gifts Including white truffles called ‘diamonds in the ground’. D’Alba, which means ‘dawn’ in Italian Will bring your skin to life with its unspoiled beauty, purity, and precious ingredients.
    d'Alba piedmont strives to harness the power of unique ingredients to address multiple skin issues at once to make customers’ skin healthier.

    D’Alba seeks only hypoallergenic and highly moisturizing cosmetic products.

    All their products are non-irritating and have been produced through research and development of highly Moisturizing functions. Synthetic preservatives, artificial coloring agents, synthetic artificial fragrance and up to 20 other harmful ingredients are excluded and scientifically proven natural ingredients are mainly used.
    All the products of d’Alba have undergone non-stimulatory Clinical trials at KDRI and are safe products that have received 0 points for skin irritation. And d’Alba’s products are manufactured following strict specifications.

    Star Ingredient, WHITE TRUFFLE from Italy piedmont d’alba

    When white truffle is infused into skin care products it is good for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging purposes. This ingredient contains a special enzyme called “Superoxide Dismutase”Which helps in repairing damaged skin While at the same time preventing The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is why this ingredient is considered as a “Super food” for the skin. It is packed with numerous minerals and vitamins. Its high vitamin C content is the main reason behind its brightening power. it also has vitamin B12 so that dark Spots and hyper-pigmentation will also lighten. White truffles also contain vitamin B3 or Niacin, essential in Repairing damaged skin,vitamin B6, which prevents dry and irritated skin.that’s perfect for intensively treating Dark spots, blemishes, and dull complexions. An added benefit is long-lasting moisture sure to keep skin soft and supple.
    d’Alba's Most-popular Item, First Spray Mist Serum
    d'Alba First Intensive Serum
    Why First Spray Mist Serum is popular?
    • Deep Moisturizing
    By using only pure vegetable oils such avocado and sunflower seed oils that do not block the pores it moisturizes your skin deeply.
    • Skin Energy Activating
    It is a spray-type product containing bifida ferment lysate, chia seed extract and other ingredients that help to recharge your skin energy anywhere, anytime.
    Spray onto face from a distance whenever your skin needs refreshing
    d'Alba Peptide No-Sebum Set
    A dual-function product for customers with combination or sensitive skin who have been reluctant to use Anti-aging products due to the chance of acne caused by excessive oils. It is light, but moisturizes and nourishes your skin sufficiently and is effective for skin recovery and anti-aging. Containing white truffle, it is effective for cell renewal, skin moisturizing and excellent for improvement of wrinkles. BHA ingredients gently remove dead skin and sebum such as whiteheads & blackheads to improve skin turnover cycle and prevent Waste from causing problems.

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