CURLYSHYLL Silky Oil Serum VS Moisture Glow Hair Essence Review

CURLYSHYLL is the must-try professional salon quality hair care brand used and trusted by top-class hair stylists, and widely recommended by countless Celebrities, Beauty Influencers, and those alike. Their extensive selection of premium hair care products are distributed across leading hair salons in Korea – salons and hair professionals with clients such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Jeon Ji-Hyun, Song Ji-Hyo, and many more raising stars in the entertainment and modelling industries. Curlyshyll has even been used by stylists collaborating with models and fashion designers at Fashion Week. 

Curlyshyll greatly focuses on offering customers exclusive hair and scalp care solutions powered by plant energy, achieved by infusing nourishing hair care formulas with plant extracts derived from nature. These plant oils and other natural-oriented ingredients are blended together with the help of a special phytochemical technique to form the baseline of all Curlyshyll hair care products, to protect the scalp and control oil and water balance from root to end for a soft and silky hair texture. 

The Curlyshyll Silky Oil Serum & Moisture Glow Hair Essence

Two Curlyshyll hair care products which have increasingly grown in recognition are the Silky Oil Serum & Moisture Glow Hair Essence; both of which help to improve hair health, as well as strengthen hair, and reduce hair textural issues experienced by dry, heat-damaged, colour-damaged, and weakened hair types. 

In 2019, the Curlyshyll Silky Oil Serum received a Smart Beauty Award from the prestigious Marie Claire Beauty Editors. And in the same year this oil-infused hair serum won a Beauty+ Pick Award – Beauty+ is a Korean Beauty & Lifestyle magazine with a large social media following, who are often looked to for beauty advice and are a reliable source for all things beauty related. 

The Curlyshyll Moisture Glow Hair Essence, on the other hand, doesn't fall short of its own accolades. It is highly rated on the HwaHae cosmetics analysis app which offers a comprehensive source of information on beauty products trending in Korea. As of late 2021, the Curlyshyll Moisture Glow Hair Essence ranks high in 3rd place in the “Hair Essence/Oil” hair care category on HwaHae, with an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Furthermore, the Curlyshyll Essence has been praised by Allure Korea, receiving a 2021 "Best of Beauty" Award as chosen by Allure's beauty editors.


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The Curlyshyll Silky Oil Serum (70ml) is part of the Curlyshyll Prestige Clinic hair care range for damaged hair types. Prestige Clinic is a salon care line for hair damaged by intensive hair treatments such as dying, balayage, and perming. This oil-serum replenishes proteins into hair strands to improve the overall health and strength of hair cuticles to prevent hair breakage and roughness. 


  • Rough hair
  • Hair that tangles easily
  • Split-ends 
  • Colour-treated, or permed hair
  • For anyone who regularly uses heat to style their hair
  • For anyone who prefers a lightweight oil serum which isn’t too rich in oiliness/texture
  • Perfect for those who like lightly scented hair care products. 


    Camellia Seed Oil – for moisture, nourishment, and shine

    Argan Kernel Oil – contains vitamin E for its moisturizing qualities, and Omega 6 to improve hair elasticity 

    Babassu Seed Oil – hydrates/nourishes

    Jojoba Seed Oil – for collagen synthesis/water and oil balance 

    Gardenia Taitensis Flow Extract – conditions and nourishes 

    Macadamia Seed Oil – provides natural coating of moisture for hair strands.

    SCENT: Delicate Floral Peach

    The Silky Oil Serum can be used to deeply nourish hair when damp or dry. When applied on dry hair it relaxes flyaway hairs, frizz/fluffiness, and makes brushing and styling more straightforward minus the tangles. On wet hair the oil serum prevents nutrition and moisture loss when drying and styling hair with heated hair tools. 



    The Curlyshyll Moisture Glow Hair Essence (70ml) is just one product within the Curlyshyll Flower & Herb product collection. With Botanists, Curlyshyll researched “the hidden resilience of nature” to develop a carefully selected fusion of botanical ingredients. The Moisture Glow Essence is formulated with 5 herbs to form an ampoule that leaves dull hair glossy, but not sticky. It contains 98% natural-oriented ingredients to provide nothing but hair-loving nutrients!

    “Curlyshyll Essence leaves almost no residue on your hands. Natural health is added to the hair rather than a shiny luster” – Jeonghye Lee (Allure Beauty Editor).


    • Dull, dry, and rough hair types
    • Hair that lacks shine 
    • Those who need to use a daily finishing treatment 
    • Anyone who prefers a non-tacky texture which is easily absorbed.


    Chamomile – for hydration and revitalizing qualities 

    Lavender – improves hair shine, and provides a relaxing aroma

    Rosemary – moisturizing and fragrant

    Lemon Grass – strengthens hair

    Tea Tree – good for soothing the scalp and sebum control. 

    OTHER INGREDIENTS IN THIS BLEND: Argan Oil, Damask Rose, Lotus, Propolis, Edelweiss.

    SCENT: Aromatic Lavender & White Tea. 

    For best results, apply the Moisture Glow Hair Essence to dry hair for a more even hair texture and glossy finish. If split-ends are your main concern, focus applying the essence to just the lengths of your hair with particular attention to the very ends of your hair. Use this hair essence daily after washing your hair and between washes to keep hair moisture balanced, and to become less reliant on hair brushing in order to keep your locks looking sleek. 

    Discover the full Curlyshyll range here, and share your experience of using Curlyshyll hair care with us across our social media platforms. 

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