Skincare Masterclass: Glam Touch K Beauty Store Shines with Skin1004 Event: A Recap of Highlights
Glam Touch Bloomsbury Store recently hosted an exclusive event featuring the renowned skincare brand, Skin1004. The event, held in our flagship Bloomsbury store with the meet and greet opportunities with SKIN1004 Team and the presence of a skincare expert, offering attendees a unique experience filled with exciting highlights.
Goody Bags Galore: A Treat for Every Beauty Enthusiast

The first highlight of the event was the generous giveaway of 200 goody bags, creating a buzz of excitement among beauty enthusiasts. Attendees were treated to a curated selection of Skin1004's latest launch skincare products, making it a must-attend occasion for those looking to elevate their skincare routine. To top it off, the goody bags were available with a minimum spend of just £35, providing an accessible opportunity for all to indulge in quality skincare.
Meet and Greet with Skin1004 Brand Representatives
The event provided a unique chance for attendees to meet and greet
representatives from Skin1004. Customers had the opportunity to interact with the brand's experts, gaining valuable insights into the science behind the products and discovering personalized skincare solutions. This personal touch added a layer of intimacy to the event, fostering a stronger connection between the brand and its loyal customers.
Special Guest Appearance: Dr. Christine Hall
A standout feature of the event was the special guest appearance by Dr. Christine Hall, a renowned skincare expert. Dr. Hall engaged the audience with her expertise, offering valuable tips and insights into effective skincare practices. Attendees had the chance to participate in a Q&A session, gaining expert advice tailored to their individual skincare concerns. Dr. Hall's presence elevated the event, making it an educational experience for everyone in attendance.
Exclusive Skincare Q&A Session: Unveiling the Secrets to Radiant Skin
The skincare Q&A session allowed attendees to delve deeper into the world of skincare, addressing their burning questions directly to both Skin1004 representatives and Dr. Christine Hall. This interactive segment facilitated a dynamic exchange of knowledge, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of their skincare needs and the best practices to achieve a radiant complexion.
In conclusion, Glam Touch K-Beauty Store's Skin1004 event was a resounding success, offering a perfect blend of education, engagement, and indulgence for beauty enthusiasts. The strategic giveaway of 200 goody bags, coupled with the meet and greet opportunities and the presence of a skincare expert like Dr. Christine Hall, created an unforgettable experience for all attendees. As the event came to a close, guests left not only with goody bags filled with skincare treasures but also with a wealth of knowledge to enhance their skincare journey.

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