Banobagi PDRN Repair Real Balm VS Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm

Multi balms, the K-beauty trend that broke the stigma behind multi-purpose skincare products is still thriving - improving skin elasticity, moisturising damaged and very dry skin types, and generally being the most convenient on-the-go skincare product for your bag. Multi balms maybe compact, but they are mighty. Multi balms are not just an ordinary Vaseline-like stick that you'll never finish, they're formulated to target specific needs such as the common signs of aging and a weak skin barrier. So how did multi-balms become Korea’s biggest beauty trend, you may ask?



The pandemic played a major role in reshaping the cosmetics industry, essentially this time required innovation as many of us – skincare novices or pros - were presented with perhaps new and challenging skin problems due to having to wear masks and an increase in concern regarding non-friendly bacteria coming into contact with your face and skin. Not only did this spark numerous “maskne” tackling skincare products and routines, it ignited a need for skincare products that require no bare hand-to-skin contact; in other words social distancing your face from the unpleasant strains of bacteria on your hands. This concept appropriately coined the term “untact beauty”, which to today is still a popular keyword search in the Glowpick app (one of Korea’s largest beauty apps).  

Again, “untact beauty” explores the skin benefits of reducing hand contact with the delicate skin on your face to conserve the healthy skin bacteria which make up the skin flora, and prevent unnecessary friction and pulling of skin. The easiest way to introduce someone to multi balms is to describe them as jumbo lip balms but for the entire face or targeted areas of the face and neck. They’re easy to use and glide across skin effortlessly to protect and strengthen the skin barrier, lift areas of the face which lack elasticity and a youthful-looking glow (such as the under eyes and crow’s feet, under the brow bone, smile lines, the forehead and frown lines, neck and décolletage, and other areas effected by fine lines and wrinkles), moisturise and bring relief to dry and chapped or flaky skin, and the list of benefits goes on.

Considering how easy they are to use on their own or as part of your daily skincare routine (as the last step of a skincare routine) without impairing the benefits of your other favourite skincare products, there’s not really a reason not to have a multi balm at hand. They’re convenient, multi-functional, and take up far less space in your bag than your phone or purse. Have one at your bedside to awaken your under-eyes in the morning, and to tackle your fine lines while you sleep! Add a multi balm to your in-flight hand luggage or gym bag to prevent skin dehydration and fatigued skin. 



If the long list of benefits highlighted above haven’t convinced you that multi balms are not just glorified sticks of Vaseline or that alike, you’ll be interested to know that multi balms contain a wide variety of skin-loving ingredients to help overcome skin troubles in the long-term when used consistently, and do not only address the skin problem in the short term. Popular ingredients in multi balms are collagen for skin rejuvenation, well-aging care and all-round intensive wrinkle improvement.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the endless benefits of the newly launched Banobagi PDRN Repair Real Balm at Glam Touch by comparison to the Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm - which arguably kick-started this craze and has been featured in several K-dramas including Young Lady and Gentlemen, Extraordinary Attornery Woo and Business Proposal. We’ll be diving into the similarities and differences between these multi balms, and why the multi balm from leading Dermatologist Banobagi, is highly likely to be your new favourite over the Kahi balm if you have sensitive skin or mature skin. 



The PDRN Repair Real Balm from Korea’s top dermatology group Banobagi, is a travel-friendly and deeply nourishing facial balm in the form of a handy stick in a compact and lightweight, retractable twist tube. This specialist multi balm stick is formulated with 300ppm Salmon PDRN to brighten skin with a healthy and youthful glow, target common signs of aging and instantly rehydrate dry skin by restoring a supple and dewy complexion. 

Salmon PDRN (Salmon DNA), is one of the latest innovations hailing from South Korea, and is already well-known and widely used as an anti-wrinkle treatment due to its skin healing and rejuvenation benefits. In particular this advanced ingredient coaxes the repair of damaged skin cells caused by aging, ultraviolet rays, and acne scars – improving skin elasticity and renewing a healthy glow along the way.


As a prestige multi-care balm, Banogabi has meticulously tested and selected only skin health-oriented ingredients that can be used safely by all skin types to formulate this luxurious balm stick. It additionally contains a blend of Sunflower Seed Oil, skin-softening Shea Butter, Meadow foam Seed Oil, and ultra-soothing Centella Asiatica Extract to boost the hydration, moisturising and soothing features of this balm - locking-in moisture for prolonged comfort, and smoothens over fine lines and dryness whenever and where ever to meet the needs of your precious skin.


Furthermore, this mess-free stick format and fast-absorbing dewy, fresh and soft texture doesn’t just make it handy for your face and neck, but can also be used on your chapped lips, rough hands/knuckles, dry elbows, split-ends of hair, and cuticles/nails.  



By comparison, the Kahi balm many of us recognise a like the Banobagi balm is charged with Salmon PDRN and derivatives to address the same skin concerns. This stick-on-the-go has a few differences to the Banobagi balm mainly in the choice of plant extracts to support restoring moisture and happier skin. Where the Banobagi balm holds low irritant nature-sourced ingredients such a skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory Centella extract, the Kahi balm takes on the benefits of Tumeric, Scion Root, Schisandra (otherwise known as Mongolian Berry or Five-flavour-fruit) and Garden Seed extracts. Whilst these ingredients hold several benefits similar to those provided by the Banobagi balm, some would argue the skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory effects are counteracted by the fragrance that has been added to the mix of the Kahi balm.

More so, the Kahi balm is formulated with Benzyl Benzoate – a solvent which can also fight against microbes, but has been labelled as a potential allergen by governing European standards for cosmetic regulation. As popular as the Kahi balm is it’s important to keep in mind that it may not be suitable for you if you have sensitive and troubled skin.

To recap, the Banobagi PDRN Repair Real Balm on the other hand has been created by those specialising in dermatology and therefore omits harmful ingredients and potential skin irritants such as artificial fragrance.



By far the Banobagi PDRN Repair Real Balm contains plenty more skin-to-skin nature-derived ingredients than the Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm, and possesses all the same anti-aging, collagen boosting and skin-firming benefits of the social media and TV culture popularised Kahi balm. The factors mentioned about the downsides to the Kahi balm poses the question: “Is the Kahi balm overhyped?”. Perhaps so.

At Glam Touch we prioritise suitability and tailored Korean skincare over trend. Whilst trends allow us to become introduced to interesting and innovative products, that doesn’t necessary mean they are for everyone. We trust Banobagi for their thorough and professional approach to home aesthetic skincare, and particular attention to preserving skin health and restoring skin health.

The new Banobagi PDRN Repair Real Balm is no exception to prioritising functionality over trend, and encompasses the brand’s core values of optimising skin health safely as upheld when also curating other widely successful Banobagi skincare lines. The Banobagi multi balm is a prime example of how to transform an in demand and trending product into something which is also highly beneficial and all-round gentler on all skin types, resulting in a Kahi dupe which has a better formula and is more affordable.

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