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Beauugreen Pullulan Hydrogel Mask 30g

Vendor: Beauugreen


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How to use
The Beauugreen Pullulan Hydrogel Mask is a hydrogel mask from Beauugreen's Unique Solution product range. This hydrogel sheet mask is formulated with key ingredient Pullulan - a natural fibrous polymer extracted from a specific type of Black Yeast with 'Pullulan' in its name.

Pullulan is a polysaccharide, a complex sugar (glucose), that serves as a water-binding agent in this hydrogel mask to drawn in essential hydration for skin and retains it skin-deep. Because of it's excellent water and hydration retention benefits, this mask is perfect of dehydrated and imbalanced skin types, as well as for those aged 30+ whose skin lacks moisture deep within as part of the natural aging process. Naturally, due to the replenishment of moisture, this mask helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles caused by the decline in the natural production of moistursing factors within skin.

Why hydrogel?: Hydrogel adheres closely to the contours of your face and skin, allowing the highly enriched essence to fully saturate the skin with its unique infusion of hydrating, and skin rejuventating ingredients. To further benefit you, this mask comes in two halves, a top section and a bottom section, making it easier to apply onto your face with perfect adhesion throughout wear.

How to use

1. Prepare skin with toner after cleansing.

2. Take out mask from pouch and remove films on both sides of mask.

3. Lay the film-removed sides of mask over the face and set in place, smoothing out from eye and lip areas.

4. Leave on for 20 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining essence until it is fully absorbed