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Banobagi Heart Leaf 100 Essence 150ml

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Tiếng Việt
How to use

Discover the soothing power of a miracle herb from Jeju Island, Heart Leaf.

Banobagi Heart Leaf 100 Essence that is a soothing, non-sticky essence formulated with 100% Jeju Houttuynia Cordate (Heartleaf) extract to soothe and moisturise skin. This hero ingredient, heartleaf extract provides anti-inflammatory properties, relieves stress caused by external aggressors and improves skin texture for a healthier-looking complexion.

  • 100% undiluted Essence of Jeju Heart-leaf: Use only a select heart-leaf taken nourishment from Jeju Island's clean air, water, and soil.
  • Low-temperature Extract TDXTM technology: Repeat the extraction three times at a constant amount and speed at a low temperature (20-25oC) and minimise the destruction of effective ingredients.
  • Four clinical verification completed: including sensitive skin, antioxidant effect, skin texture improvement, soothing effect.
  • Vegan certified product with eco-friendly packaging: Used soy ink and FSC certified paper. Free from animal ingredients and animal testing as well.

    Việt Nam

    Tinh chất dịu da Banobagi Heart Leaf 100 Essence

    Tinh chất chứa 100% thành phần rau diếp má (heartleaf extract) từ đảo Jeju, thành phần đang được nhắc đến rất nhiều tại Hàn. Rau diếp má có khả năng phục hồi và sửa chữa tế bào da yếu, tổn thương, làm dịu kích ứng da, làm da khoẻ dần lên và sáng tươi hồng hào trông thấy, giảm stress cho da.


    • Cân bằng và cấp ẩm cho da
    • Làm dịu tình trạng đỏ, rát, ngứa do kích ứng/dị ứng thời tiết
    • Giảm viêm, sưng, giúp mụn nhanh xẹp và hạn chế thâm sẹo
    100% Heart Leaf Extract.
    How to use

    After cleansing, taken an appropriate amount, gently sweep along the skin texture, and pat lightly to absorb it.

    Tips from us:

    • Essence Method: If you need special care, layer it with another layer 2-3 times or more.
    • Essence Pack: If you need quick sedation, soak the cotton pad and use it like a 10~15 minute pack. It soothes sensitive areas.
    • Mixture: Using the cosmetics you have and Heart Leaf essence, mix them in a ratio of 3 to 1.
    • Mist: Pour it into a spray-type empty bottle and use it as a mist to hydrate whenever you needed.