Romantic Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips

Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, is the perfect time for love, roses, chocolate and a gorgeous romantic makeup look. Whether you've got a hot date, or hanging out with your besties, a stunning Valentine's Day makeup can definitely transform your evening!

Before starting our makeup journey, we have one important tip for you —— prepare your skin seriously. After all, a clean and fresh base is the key to a stunning look. If you wonder how to glow your skin during the tough winter months, just click here to know!


1. Classic never dies.

Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips


When in doubt, go with a clean glowing look with red lip. It is soft, appealing but also sexy. Who can say 'No' to roselike eyelids and cheeks with lip that on fire? The answer is no one.


2. Lovely Soft Pink Makeup

Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips


Monochromatic (single-colored) makeup has become popular for a while, and for good reasons. This look will keep your makeup simple but undeniably pretty with only one hue and save time for your hair and dresses. Your soft pink eyeshadow, blush and lipstick combination is just lovely and adorable enough for sweet Valentine's Day, no matter if you're with your significant other or your besties.

What I Need to Achieve these Looks?

This is the part that is most important but easiest to neglect. Want to make sure those dark circles, fine lines and acne won't destroy your night? Want to have glowing but not oily face without creasing? Luckily, we've got you covered.


Step 1: Apply suitable primer to help even complexion



Prime your skin with Klavuu WHITE PEARLSATION Ideal Actress Backstage Cream, then you are good to go! It is the most hard working pearl based primer that helps correct your skin tone, protect you from UV radiant with SPF30 PA++ and provide a natural glow to your skin at the same time. With a thin layer of primer that help you with everything, you can apply a smaller amount of foundation which can be unnoticeable and achieve a natural healthy looking skin.


Step 2: Choose a cushion compact that can save you day

When it comes to Korean makeup products, it's impossible to overlook cushion compact which has recently become popular around the world. A cushion compact is also the secret to glowing skin.


Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips

For those who have oily skin and enlarged pores, Klavuu URBAN PEARLSATION High Coverage Tension Cushion would be your Cupid. It provides long-lasting extremely high coverage while minimizing pores, controlling sebum, soothing and brightening skin with orange blossom, lemon balm, quince and pearl extracts..


Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips

For those who have dry skin, glow your day with Clio Kill Cover Glow Cushion which has additional moisturizing care with equally excellent coverage.

Step 3 (optional): Use powder to set everything in place

Before applying any other powder-based product on your face, set your makeup with a setting powder first. It not only promises a longer-live makeup by avoiding redundant grease production, but also prevents slides of your makeup.


Korean Valentine's Day Makeup


Ideas and TipsIf you have a higher budget for powder, you must try this Gongjinhyang Mi Jewelry Powder from The History of Whoo. It is a life-changing fine powder that will not lead your face cakey. Instead, the jewelry and natural ingredients in it will hydrate, brighten, smoothen and revitalize your skin.The end result is a glowing and gorgeous look after the final touch.


Step 4: Blush that Carry out Your Inner Love.


Blush is extremely NECESSARY on Valentine's Day. It is a symbol of crush, affection, and feminine softness. Express your love with 3CE Face Blush and complete a charming, lovable look. #Pure cake is a ballerina pink while #Peach Splash is a girlish peach, and both of them can also be applied as eyeshadow to achieve monochromatic makeup look.


Enchanting and Sparkling Eye Makeup

Step1: Pink & Coral Eyeshadow


Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips


There is no other day that is more suitable than Valentine's Day to go for a pink or coral eyeshadow. Both of those colors will add a joyful yet sophisticated vibe that won't be overlooked. If you want an eyeshadow palette that can complete a delicate eye makeup alone, just check Clio Pro Eye Palette! From matte to shimmer to glitter, from base colours to bright colours, it got you covered!


Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips


Step 2: Upgrade Your Romance with Lashes

Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips


Voluminous lashes are the easiest ways to upgrade your romance and add extra touch of glam to your look with little effort. Innisfree Skinny Microcara Zero makes this transforming process even easier without giving opportunity to fail. Its magic skinny brush can deliver smudge-resistant, gravity-defying volume.It is also waterproof which helps against moving but destroying tears.


Step 3: Don't Forget Your Eyebrow

Eyebrows are simple but crucial for your look. If you want it to be natural but also flawless, try Etude House Drawing Eye Brow. It creates flawless and detailed eyebrows as if one's own eyebrow with its natural pigmentation. The long lasting formula is extremely resistant to temperature changes, allowing it to maintain its original texture and colour.


Lit or Soft Lip Makeup

Complete your look by the last but not least step: lips! No matter if you want to end up the routine with a hot red lipstick, a soft natural MLBB or a multiple tone lipstick that create gradient effect, we got you!


Matte People

For those who want a matte lip to rock the day, 3CE will be your best friend. With creamy application and multiple stunning colors. You can pick the color you want to mark your man. Red or MLBB, which one will you pick?


Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips


Gradient Lips

To those who are tired of red lips and pink shade, try K-beauty trendy gradient lip! It will create that 'just bitten' effect, with darker shade in the center of the lips, then fading out or blending with another lighter color to the outside of the lips. It will help you attract more attention on the lip, and you know what will come next.


Korean Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas and Tips


There are more ways to achieve gradient lips, but the easy breezy way you can get perfect K-Beauty Gradient Lips instantly is to use just one lipstick, Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar! The Two Tone Lip Bar features an innovative applicator that smoothly melds together two complimenting tones.

What's your favourite makeup look or do you have any favourite lip colour to wear this Valentine's Day? We'd love to know!

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