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Not too long ago, we invited you to participate in our Share Your Skin Story Campaign. The inspiration for this campaign stems from our brand ethos of learning to love the skin you're in, promoting self-love and self-confidence, and not letting your skin concerns be labelled as "flaws" by outdated ideals upheld by society. We've all heard the expression, "our bodies come in all shapes and sizes", and similarly, the same goes for our skin. There is no singular definition of beauty. We are all uniquely beautiful in our own way. Skin comes in an array of colours, textures, and conditions, and so we should embrace this.

The practice of self-care though skincare is not done in vanity, nor should all of us feel like we have to aim for "poreless" skin. Skincare and our skin journeys are about optimising skin health. Our perceptions of skin health are personal to each of us, just like the journey itself, which is why we were interested in hearing your skin stories.

Before we move onto the skin story we selected to feature on our website and social media pages, we would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to share their skin story. We carefully read every story you submitted, and learnt a lot from the experience in terms of what you expect from K-beauty, as well as what we hope to give you access to at Glam Touch in the near future. We also understand that for many of you, it wasn't easy to unload your thoughts and feelings about your skin, so we commend you for your honesty and hope you grow to love your skin and encourage you to continue to make time each day for self-care with skincare.

It was a tough decision, but we narrowed down our choice to just one lucky winner... CONGRATULATIONS LIZAVETA! You are an inspiration.


Lizaveta's Skin Story


I was not blessed with good skin - ever since I was 11, I struggled with acne that wouldn’t go away. Back then, no-one could advise a teenage girl on how to handle oily, acne-prone skin with large pores, so I ruined my skin barrier with harsh salicylic acid cleansers and toothpaste over breakouts. I remember crying over numerous homemade masks that were supposed to miraculously treat my acne but instead gave me dry, irritated skin.


During the 2020 quarantine, I really got into the science behind skincare. I read academic papers on topical Tretinoin and Vitamin C, and became an avid user of both - they improved my skin a lot. I started breaking out less and could finally see my skin glow! But there were so many downsides to it... Firstly, tretinoin is a prescription only treatment in the UK. So I had to pay a private clinic £20 for a small bottle of the treatment every month as it expires within a short one month period upon opening. Secondly, tretinoin would always make my skin purge first before seeing the benefits. Purges could be anything from cystic acne, peeling, to rough skin to the point when I couldn’t open my mouth. And since I used it periodically, I had to mentally prepare myself for a bad acne period every time I was getting back into my tretinoin routine. I sticked to it for over a year when I realised that although I want to have beautiful skin I want to enjoy the journey and feel comfortable in my imperfect skin.


That’s how I got to K-beauty & skincare. I started reading a lot on that matter, experimenting with the range of products I used in my routine, figuring out what works best for me. One thing I love about Korean skincare is the approach behind it: instead of drying out your acne with salicylic acid and tretinoin like I did, you moisturise it to soothe the inflammation and prevent acne scars. It also changed my own skin philosophy. My mood no longer depends on whether I woke up with a new pimple or not, as long as I know that my skin is hydrated and healthy, that's what matters most. This has yielded great results! I only have minor breakouts, my pores are minimised and my skin is simply glowing!


One thing that I will always praise about Korean skincare is sunscreens: they’re so easy to blend, have high protection and help you achieve that glow. I feel the most confident in my own skin and it’s a beautiful, beautiful feeling I truly wish everyone gets to experience!


Lizaveta's favourite K-beauty products at Glam Touch: Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice and Probiotics (sunscreen), Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream, d'Alba Piedmont white Truffle Vital Spray.

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