Laneige Neo Cushion : Glow vs Matte

Just over a year ago, Laneige released the long anticipated Neo Cushion. This product offers more than just the convenience of being able to take your foundation on-the-go. Prior to this product release it had already been some time since Laneige had created an entirely new concept for cushion type foundations. And so The Neo Cushion quickly gained positive attention.


What makes the Laneige Neo Cushion unique? 





Laneige Neo Cushion - Glow and Matte 


Both versions of the Neo Cushion - Glow and Matte - offer high spectrum protection against UV ray damage and filter blue light omitted for the screens of smartphones and computer screens, which we use on a daily basis. The main focal point during the curation of the Neo Cushion was to tackle the negative effects of environmental aggressors on skin, although beauty enthusiasts also appreciate the 24 hour staying power of these cushions. 

Glam Touch currently stock the Laneige Neo Cushion – Glow, and Laneige Neo Cushion – Matte, in 4 shades: 21C Cool Beige, 21N Beige, 23C Cool Sand and 23N Sand. Each cushion holds 15g of foundation in sleek mirror compact + one 15g refill (sponge puff applicators included). 

Refills are easy to replace with the Laneige One-Touch Spinning Refill Structure – this allows you to take out and securely replace refills in a matter of seconds. 


Laneige Neo Cushion – Glow

The Laneige Neo Cushion – Glow, is a radiant coverage foundation best suited to dry and dull skin types. With it’s Dewy Lasting Technology, this cushion supplies moisturising factors to prevent the pigments from feeling heavy/uncomfortable on skin or accentuating pores and fine lines. 

It’s fair to say that this cushion does much more than just camouflage imperfections as it additionally aims to brighten skin with skincare ingredients such as Niacinamide, instead of solely relying on the diamond powder pigments to illuminate the surface of skin. Most importantly of all, the Glow cushion shields skin from UV damage and long-term exposure to blue light with SPF 50+ PA+++.


Laneige Neo Cushion : Glow vs Matte
Laneige Neo Cushion – Glow 23C vs Matte 23N

More info:

  • Provides a natural-looking medium coverage which gives the appearance of brighter, more youthful looking skin
  • Glowy complexion, Non-sticky finish 
  • Oxidation prevention can last up to 12 hours
  • Contains 5.7 times more moisturising ingredients in comparison to the Laneige BB Cushion (Whitening version)
  • “Air Puff” helps create a seamless finish. 
  • Recommended for dry and dull skin, those who prefer radiant-looking skin, and those looking for a hydrating cushion 


Laneige Neo Cushion – Matte


The Laneige Neo Cushion – Matte, on the other hand, is best described as a full coverage foundation ideal for combination/oily skin types as it allows for a flawless even coverage and controls sebum. It is the go-to for covering blemishes and dark spots, dark circles and enlarged pores at the t-zone area. The key feature of the Matte cushion is 24 hour Sweat-Resistant Wear, making it less likely to become streaky throughout wear. This unique characteristic also prolongs the adhesivity of the product to withstand up to 40°C weather conditions, exercise and other physical activities which promote sebum production, and won’t transfer onto mobile phones and face masks/coverings. 


Laneige Neo Cushion Matte : 21N vs 23N

Despite it being a full coverage foundation it has a feather-light, soft finish. Whilst designing the Matte cushion, Laneige took into account some of the benefits of their previously popular Pore Control BB Cushion – adopting the same idea of using fine powders to uphold a weightless matte finish, but reduced the size of the powders for the Neo Cushion for an ultra lightweight texture and better adherence to skin.


Like the Glow cushion, the Matte version provides the same blue light filter technology. The only difference being the sun protection factor, the Matte cushion is SPF 42 PA+++. 


Laneige Neo Cushion Matte vs Glow 

Additional info:

  • Laneige assure us that touch-ups aren’t necessary due to the high coverage, but if need be, the Matte cushion can be retouched without looking/feeling cakey when reapplied in thin layers
  • Covers redness and yellow-toned hyperpigmentation 
  • Comes with a “Micro-Cutting Puff” – a flexible sponge applicator with uniformed perforations which aid application of an evenly distributed full coverage. 
  • Soft semi-matte finish, but non-drying for skin. It controls sebum but doesn’t leave skin looking/feeling dehydrated. 
  • Recommended for oily skin, those who want high coverage for pores and blemishes, those who looking for sweat-resistant cushion.


Both Laneige Neo Cushion Glow and Matte come in 10 different shades, from the brightest 13N Ivory to the darkest 35N Tan. The shade with N is for Netural tone while the shade C (Cool) is for Warm tone. For example, the 21 Cool Beige is a shade with pink base to create bright and vibrant looking skin, while the N shade like 23N Sand is a tone that creates a calm and clean looking skin.


Laneige Neo Cushion Matte vs Glow


No doubt, we're so excited to test them out, which Neo Cushion would you choose?

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