Korean Makeup Trend For Autumn

We officially say goodbye to sunny days, Autumn arrived to bring a new and exciting chapter of makeup yearbook. We are super excited to introduce the latest Korean Autumn makeup trends with the best Korean makeup collections from Glam Touch. 

Hold on! Before playing around with your makeup bags to create a flawless look, you should ensure that you have a perfect skin condition which is also known as one of the Korean makeup’s secrets - creating the perfect canvas before makeup. If you’re currently concerned about your oily skin, please check here to find out more about a great skincare routine that solves your problems. Otherwise, we also have the best skincare-product recommendations here for you to get a radiant and healthy skin. 

Now, it’s time for you to scroll down and discover trendy Korean makeup essentials for this Autumn


1. Glass skin foundation


Whether you are familiar with or new to Korean makeup style, you may hear about “glowing skin” or “glass skin” as a signature, which has stolen a spotlight in the beauty world recently. Basically, “glass skin” describes a naturally smooth and flawless complexion. As we initially mentioned, first things first, it is very important to have an effective skincare regime. Then the next step, you need to pick the right item for the first layer of your makeup look. 

Also, when the colder weather approaches in the Autumn, it raises many concerns about dry skin problems when applying makeup into your skin. While you want a foundation with a high coverage level for evening skin tone, it’s very important to maintain a well-moisturising condition. This Clio Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion Set has perfect coverage that evens skin complexion and conceals imperfection, with ampoule-enriched luster from every angle for excellent moisturising effect. If you are looking for an on-the-go touch up but still bringing a glossy and radiant look, this Ampoule Cushion is for you!


2. Fluffy brow

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Another style which makes “Korean makeup” become a worldwide brand is “fluffy eyebrow” compared to bold and sculpted eyebrow looks from the West. It’s featured with soft texture, natural colour and elegant thinner look. These features are all about the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow. You may want to add this eye brow pencil  to your must-have list not only in Autumn, but also all year round. Why? It has natural colors even with multiple layers, which is super easy for beginning-users and fit with ranges of hair colour. The texture is applied smoothly, but it’s defining and fits into the shape whether you want to be creative as much as you want. 


3. Natural Blush


Autumn is a gateway to the cosy-makeup season which calls for rosy-pink or coral tone blushers. That’s why the Laneige Ideal Blush Duo’s layering of sheer trendy colors is recommended to enhance an autumnal complexion. The blush duo has powder made with special gliding technology, expressing a bright, natural skin glow. Also, the closely adhering & long-lasting features will help you to solve both dry weather and rainy days. 


4. Stained lips with autumnal colours

Glow and shiny lips look following Korean style perfectly fits to semi-dry to dry weather since the Autumn’s months began. As your skin needs a glass foundation, your lips also need a base coat which can be ideally covered by the Merbiss City Holic Lip Rouge, one must-try lips balm originally from Korea. This lip rouge is great to soften and moisturise your lips, leaving a smooth and glossy finish while the slight colour melts gently into your lips.

After finishing a well lips base, what could be more attractive than warm lipstick tones for the dreamiest autumn makeup look? Swatching these pick-up shades from 3CE for this Autumn portrait! This range of lipsticks has creamy application and melts effortlessly into your lip, leaving a matte and soft finish. 



To begin with, it’s a good idea to try a deep and beguiling rosy pink shade achieved by putting on your lips the 3CE Cloud Lip Tint - Live A Little. This tasteful shade is gorgeous for those who are fans of rosy-orange combinations. 


Inspired by a gentle orange brown, the 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color - Hit Me Up brings the vibe of romantic photoshoots with autumn leaves. It is not too much but not too slight shade of orange tone, which is perfectly mixed with some percent of brown color.

Have you ever tried a brick red devoid of burgundy? 3CE Velvet Lip Tint - Taupe with unprecedented touches of deep beige will spread an autumn’s romantic vibe on your lips. This pleasantly smooth and soft tint imparts subtle yet rich color payoff reminiscent of flower petals. 

Are you ready to enjoy your beautiful autumn with a basic but gorgeous Korean makeup look?

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