Korean Eye Cream Dupe for the La Mer The Eye Concentrate

It's time to stop overlooking the eye cream step of your skincare routine! As we introduce you to this mind-blowing, affordable Korean eye cream dupe for La Mer's The Eye Concentrate.

Caring for the delicate and thin skin around the orbital areas doesn't require you to break into your savings account in order to experience the essential under eye nourishment of an eye cream. Now we bet you're wondering which miracle eye cream is this that could possibly compete with the luxurious formula created by La Mer...

Well firstly, why is La Mer's The Eye Concentrate the in-demand eye cream which supposedly does it all? La Mer's The Eye Concentrate was formulated to address common skin concerns at the under eye areas such as dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin textural issues such as dryness, and lack of firmness. La Mer claims that it takes as little as 21 days to show signs of improvement of said skin concerns.

However, and this is a BIG "however", La Mer's eye cream costs a staggering £195 for only 15ml of product! So we're sure you'll be ecstatic to know you can get the same results from this Korean eye cream dupe for a just fraction of the price, and for a larger quantity of product too.

To end your curiosity, this product is no other than (*drum roll*) ... the Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream! You can experience the deliciously rich and deeply nourishing qualities of this La Mer dupe from Heimish for just £28 for 30ml (that's double the mililitres of the pricer comparision!).


A like the La Mer Eye Concentrate, the Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream is infused with Fermented Seaweed Extract - also known as Ecklonia Cava (Algae/Seaweed) Extract - and is the main extract in the ingredient blend. Fermented extracts, including those of Marine origin, are well-known for their skin detoxifying and restorative attributes that in turn provide a great source of soothing relief and hydration to tired, puffy, and sensitive under eyes. This marine extract also supports in minimising fine lines, the synthesis of natural collagen production, and boosts skin radiance to tackle dark circles and dull skin tone beneath the eyes.

The similarities in key ingredients are not only point which makes these eye creams near identical. Both eye creams have a luxurious texture which provide a refreshing feel, melting into skin upon contact with skin temperature for a lightweight finish that lasts. Both also come with skin-cooling applicators to amplify the skin soothing and cooling benefits. These appplicators which are specifically used to massage the delicate under eye areas, can be placed in a refridgerator to further aid in diminishing the appearance of puffy eye bags by reducing skin temperature.

La Mer The Eye Concentrate Dupe


Aside from the obvious differences in price and quantity of product per pot, the Heimish eye cream contains Peptides and Plant Stem Cell Extracts to maintain and protect the skin barrier from external and environmental stressors, and lock in essential moisture. Whereas the La Mer Eye Concentrate contains Clarity Ferment to restore and revitalise skin, using Lime Tea Concentrate as a defender against environmental damage with antioxidants naturally present in tea and fruit.

Heimish's eye cream is also notably more moisturising than the high-end comparision and is cruelty-free, whereas La Mer is not.

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