Discover The Power of Polynucleotide PDRN Skincare

Polynucleotides PDRN have emerged as the latest breakthrough in injectable skincare treatments, making a significant impact on the realm of cosmetic enhancements. While these innovative injectables have long been established in Korea as a highly effective solution for addressing common signs of skin aging, scaring and repair, they have only just recently gained widespread popularity among skincare experts in the UK and Worldwide.  

If you're curious about PDRN and their transformative effects, you've come to the right place. In this blog post we’ll be covering everything there is to know about Polynucleotides, and how you can safely deliver this innovative skincare ingredient to your skin topically as an affordable alternative to injectables. 



Also known as Polydeoxyribonucleotide or PDRN, Polynucleotides serve as injectable bio-stimulators. Comprising biopolymers, flexible molecules derived from Salmon or Sturgeon fish that mimic human DNA, this treatment aims to jumpstart skin regeneration. By injecting Polynucleotides, the goal is to prompt our cells to produce elements that diminish with age, effectively altering DNA expression. 

The remarkable benefits of Polynucleotides include the enhancement of Collagen and Elastin through the up-regulation of Fibroblast Cells. This not only revitalizes tissue regeneration but also restores skin tone and elasticity. Beyond these rejuvenating effects, Polynucleotides exhibit antioxidant and hydrating properties, contributing to an overall healthier appearance and feel of the skin.  

For your convenience and familiarity, we'll be using the names PDRN and Polynucleotides throughout this article.



PDRN is versatile for treating the entire face and extending down to the décolletage. However, the most sought-after applications involve PDRN treatments specifically for the under-eye areas. The high demand is attributed to PDRN's effectiveness in reducing the appearance of under-eye bags and addressing the diminished elasticity of the delicate tissue in that region. This area is prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles earlier than other facial regions. Additionally, PDRN is beneficial for addressing lack of elasticity in various facial areas such as smile lines, forehead, and jawline. 



At Glam Touch, we strive to provide our customers with access to Korean skincare products which explore the benefits of modern and current skincare technologies. Fortunately, since the beginning of our journey in introducing Korean Beauty to the UK, we have been able to partner with leaders in clinical-grade, innovative skincare formulas and skincare technologies, Banobagi. 

One standout skincare ingredient which we have been introduced to through Banobagi's Rejuvenating Vital skincare line is in fact the now extremely popular PDRN/Polynucleotides, which were once only accessible to people who received skincare treatments at Banobagi clinics and those alike.  

However, through extensive research and formulation curation, Banobagi have been able to encompass the comprehensive benefits of PDRN in the form of topical treatments as an affordable and safer alternative to injectable treatments.  

Understanding that invasive, clinical skincare procedures are not for everyone, Banobagi created their infamous Rejuvenating Vital skincare range. This collection includes a variety of cream, emulsion, and ampoule formulations to deliver the same effects of injectable PDRN. In fact, numerous individuals discover that the topical application of PDRN is not only safer and more comfortable than injectable treatments, but it also offers added advantages. Topical treatments naturally enhance hydration and moisturization with emollients, ceramides, and other skin-friendly conditioning ingredients to work alongside the Polynucleotides. 



b-PDRN, Banobagi's patented PDRN formula, is crafted through a strategic process of extracting, separating, and refining Sodium DNA from Sturgeon DNA to create b-PDRN. Similarly, to PDRN/Polynucleotides-based injectable skincare treatments, b-PDRN enhances the elasticity of the skin cell membrane. Available in topical skincare products suitable for home or on-the-go use, the Rejuvenating Vital products are wrinkle improvement functional cosmetics. 


Formulated with the powerhouse anti-aging ingredient b-PDRN, this skincare range can strengthen skin structure, encourage cell turnover, as well as give it back its elasticity and brightness.  


Banobagi Rejuvenating Vital Cream  

Banobagi Rejuvenating Vital Cream is a luxurious and nurturing cream enriched with potent anti-aging components such as b-PDRN (Polynucleotides). These ingredients work synergistically to fortify the skin's structure, stimulate cell turnover, and restore elasticity and luminosity. Utilizing patented Transfersome technology, this anti-aging cream effectively addresses sagging skin and minimizes fine lines, resulting in a revitalized, smoother, and more youthful complexion. 

Discover The Power of Polynucleotide PDRN Skincare


Featuring Edelweiss callus culture extract, known for its robust antioxidant properties, this cream contributes to skin firmness. The inclusion of Bladderwrack extract, derived from brown algae, brings a wealth of antioxidants and amino acids that not only soothe and hydrate the skin but also support skin cell renewal, maintaining elasticity and smoothness. 

Enriched with vitamin E, olive oil in the formula helps soothe and repair the skin, fostering skin-cell regeneration. Hydrolyzed swiftlet nest extract deeply moisturizes, effectively slowing down the aging process for a radiant complexion. 


Banobagi Rejuvenating Eye Cream 

Provides intense care with a soft texture, addressing puffy eyes with antioxidants and nutrients. Packed with doubled b-PDRN from sturgeon DNA extraction, it strengthens skin structure, encourages cell turnover, and restores elasticity and brightness. Featuring Edelweiss Callus Culture extract, it helps firm the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The formula also includes Mango Seed Butter plus Centella Asiatica extract to soothe, hydrate, and plump the delicate eye area, diminishing dark circles and puffiness. 


To discover the full Banobagi Rejuventating Vital line powered by Polynucleotides PDRN, click here. 

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