Beauty Resolutions to Make in 2022

2022 is the year to make your skin goals and other beauty goals become a reality! Whilst some of us are planning a long overdue trip to somewhere in the sun, here at Glam Touch we are prioritising the needs of our skin by sticking to our skincare and beauty resolutions for 2022 – all of which ultimately improve the health and vitality of skin. If last year you felt that your skincare routine was lacking something, this year take some inspiration from us for your own skincare resolutions to make in 2022. 

New beauty trends are fun, and a great way to see what works for your skin personally, but the Glam Touch Team are determined to fulfil the actual needs of their skin and are committed to optimising skin health from the inside out with the help of Korean Skincare. Let’s hear about the team’s skincare resolutions for the New Year...

Social Media Executive - Thao’s resolution: ‘I’d like to have glowing skin. Of course I want to have healthy skin and I don’t want to have hyperpigmentation issues anymore’.

Solution: Be consistent with applying Vitamin C serum.



Not only will Thao be ensuring that she applies the Jumiso All Day Brightening & Balancing Facial Serum, up to twice daily, she will be following up with a sufficient amount of SPF to further prevent sun spots, uneven skin tone, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and other forms of hyperpigmentation which can worsen with unprotected sun exposure. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that in order to effectively treat concerns of pigmentation a non-abrasive chemical exfoliant in the form of a peeling gel should be used to accelerate the turn over cycle of new skin cells and unveil skin’s natural radiance. 

Sale Assistant - Maria’s resolution: ‘I would like more spotless, bright skin which looks and feels healthy and natural’.  

How to achieve this: Strengthen your skin barrier, and use skin-calming ingredients. 



Maria will begin using the Commonlabs Vitamin E Calming Light Cream to help overcome skin redness, and improve the overall health of her skin barrier. This daily moisturising cream is the perfect product to address the concerns she highlighted in her skincare new year’s resolution. Essentially, it is a hypoallergenic barrier-strengthening cream containing ingredients to inhibit excessive sebum secretion and keep skin balanced and strengthened with a blend of essential Vitamin E, soothing Tea Tree (77.43%), Ceramides, and Gesolza™ - a patented ingredient that is both antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory to suppress excessive sebum production.

Vitamin E has been added for its antioxidant content, which in the long-term will add a helping hand in Maria’s goal of achieving happy skin which is relatively clear of blemishes. 

Social Media Executive - Emma’s resolution: “I want to find a new skincare ingredient good for my skin, and incorporate it into my skincare routine. Preferably a plant-derived ingredient which is gentle for sensitive skin”.

Next steps: Try more plant-based skincare products.


Using the search filter feature on the Glam Touch website, I will be able to refine the selection of products suitable for my skin type and concerns, making it easier to discover a new ingredient that works for me. Alternatively, I can also narrow down my search by taking a look at the wide range of Vegan products available at Glam Touch, some of which greatly focus on making the most of a select few or just one plant-sourced ingredient/s. Some to mention are Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water, Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule, and Banobagi Heart Leaf 100 Essence. 

Glam Touch Founder - Sen’s Resolution: “I want to prevent hair loss for fuller looking hair”.

Solution: Use Hanbang product


RYO, is Korea’s No.1 Hanbang haircare brand. Their NEW & UPGRADED RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Shampoo is all you’ll need for your scalp and hair concerns. Revamped, researched, and formulated with the advanced Ginsen9EX™ technology backed by 40 years of extensive research, RYO is the perfect solution for scalp & hair loss care. The Ginsen9EX™ is rooted in nine beneficial ingredients, providing you nine benefits that’ll do wonders to your hair and scalp by using whole Ginseng extract – an extract of ginseng’s root, stem, leaves, and fruit.

Available in 3 variations – for oily scalp, dry scalp, and sensitive scalp – these shampoos are enriched with pine needle and mint extracts, to help to strengthen hair roots to prevent hair loss. Each type brings additional benefits such as sebum control (Oily Scalp type), deep moisture replenishment (Dry Scalp type), and soothing/itchiness care (Sensitive Scalp type).


Start the conversation! We want to hear about your beauty goals and resolutions for 2022. Which changes do you want to make, and why?

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