BANOBAGI Calming Care Line Review

About Banobagi

Banobagi is a global renowned medical group who specialise both in cosmetic surgery and dermatology. They’re committed to combining their knowledge obtained through clinical experience and thesis to develop skincare products which solve common skin concerns. 20 plus years worth of research has enabled Banobagi to discover unique skincare ingredients which directly target skin sensitivity, signs of aging and so on. Their dedication has subsequently led them to success with the release of multiple skincare lines. 


BANOBAGI’s Beliefs

Banobagi believe that dermatologist grade cosmetics should be accessible to everyone. And so many of their products which they use as part skincare treatments at their clinics became commercially available for use in the home environment. 


Calming Care Line

Korean calming skincare, Banobagi Calming Care


The Calming Care Line is targeted at oily but inner dehydrated skin types, but is also highly beneficial for sensitive dry and damaged skin types which require moisturising and soothing ingredients to return to a comfortable state. This skincare range consists of 4 products:

  • The Calming Care Cleansing Gel to Foam
  • Calming Care Moisture Pads
  • Calming Care Moisturising Cream
  • and Calming Care Tone-up Sunscreen.
  • Key inclusions across the line include Hyaluronic Acid, Rose water, Ceramides, and Calamine. The full ingredients lists and product descriptions of each of these products are available on the Glam Touch Website for further reference. 


    The Calming Care Line in Review

    Cleansing Gel to Foam

    Banobagi Cleansing Gel to Foam, Korean low pH cleanser

    The aim of this low pH cleanser is to deeply remove impurities imbedded within pores and from the surface of skin; in doing so pores will appear reduced in size. As a pH-balanced gel-to-foam face wash (pH 5.5), it prevents irritation and calms skin with it’s key ingredient: Calamine. 

    When first squeezed out of the tube this gentle cleanser resembles a gel before taking on the form of a dense bubble facial wash when a small amount of water is added to it. The fact that it starts off as a viscous liquid means that it is more hydrating than traditional foam cleansers. The product lathers best with a foaming net or soft bristle face cleansing brush. 

    It’s numerous plant extracts work in unison with the Calamine to provide skin soothing effects to lessen the likelihood of causing redness, whilst the Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid restores lost moisture. It’s the ideal cleanser for leaving skin feeling supple and not deprived of moisture. You will not experience that tight, “squeaky” clean sensation after using this product.


    Calming Care Moisture Pads

    Banobagi Calming Care Moisture Pads

    The primary functions of these moisture pads are to brighten dull/uneven skin tone, and simultaneously improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A tub contains 60 pads which are pre-soaked in a generous amount of cleansing/exfoliating toner. Each individual pad is dual-textured: providing an embossed side for easy, yet gentle removal of dead skin cells which may accumulate in harder to reach areas; e.g. around the nostrils and between eyebrows. Whereas the other side of the pad is flatter and can therefore smoothly glide across skin without friction. These pads are somewhat crescent shaped so they are easier to pick up and hold.

    Because these toner pads are rich in moisture, they are suitable for 5-minute toner pad masking which is perfect for boosting hydration directly after using the gel-to-foam cleanser. Taking into account the large quantity of toner these pads hold, they’re more convenient and cost effective than a bottle of toner which would otherwise get used up quickly if toner pad masking is something you do regularly.


    Calming Care Moisturising Cream

    Banobagi Calming Care Moisturising Cream

    This gel-cream has been praised for supplying sufficient moisture with Hyaluronic Acid of differing molecular sizes (10 to be exact!). This cream follows the same principles as the other products in the range – formulated with 7 kinds of natural plant extracts as well as Banobagi's ‘Blue Complex’ and ‘Red Snow’ patented technologies. Blue Complex refers to the lavender, centaurea cyanus, clary, hyacinth, and chamomile extracts. On the other hand, Red Snow is made up of antioxidants and collagen-boosting ingredients sourced from Centella Japonica, and more. 

    All in all, this gel cream provides a surge of moisture to help restore the moisture barrier and eradicate symptoms associated with the skin types highlighted earlier. How about the texture and finish? – This cream absorbs steadily, leaving next-to-none residue after around 20 minutes from initial application. It gives skin a natural glow rather than overly dewy appearance. 


    Calming Care Tone-up Sunscreen 

    Banobagi Calming Care Tone-up Sunscreen

    Some people would say the sunscreen is the most important product for the Calming Care Line for its ability to shield sensitive skin types from further damage. Similarly to all of the products we’ve discussed in this review post, this sunscreen does cover some skin calming aspects itself. However, it predominantly focuses on protecting skin from UV rays and brightening skin with it’s tone-up function. The brightening pigments in this sunscreen blur out redness and non unified skin tone. 

    When applied in the appropriate amount this sunscreen gives off a natural looking radiance to skin, but it isn’t greasy and dries with a soft velvety finish. As long as it’s applied liberally, it doesn’t create a white cast or have an overbearing pearlescent tinge. 



    The Verdict 

    The Banobagi Calming Care Line is reliable for irritable skin types and conditions, for it has surpassed official allergen tests to be certified as ‘non-irritating’. The benefit of having just 4 products within the range ensures a non-fussy skincare regime which is minimal to prevent stress on skin, yet it is certainly effective for minimising minor skin inflammations and symptoms a like.


    Writer : Emma - Sapphire Roses 

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