Meet Banobagi, Korean Dermo-cosmetic Skincare Brand

We're beyond excited to announce that we have another amazing brand joining our shelves at Glam Touch. From a recent trip to Korea to discover the latest Korean beauty brands and trends, our founder, Sen visited Banobagi Dermatology and learnt more about the brand's unique concept and their star ingredients across all products. She has been using Banobagi products from skincare to sheet masks and totally obsessed with them.


Who is Banobagi?
“Not only the concept of it, but can we create effective cosmetics? Rather than creating similar products in a short term, shouldn’t someone create safe and effective cosmetics based on evidence?’’ Dr. Barn Jae Yong


Dr Barn Jae Yong is a board-certified dermatologist in Seoul, Korea. He is the director of Banobagi Dermatology Clinic and the brain behind Banobagi Cosmetics.


What makes Banobagi Cosmetic special & Why do we love it? 

Banobagi is a dermo-cosmetics brand which dermatology based products combine cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, focusing on skin heath and the treatment of superficial skin disorders, such as acne, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.

Banobagi promises to keep their customers' beauty safe by providing safe cosmetics with no harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients. Based on 20 years of clinical experience and thesis, Banobagi's unique ingredients are constantly being developed by Banobagi skin specialists to solve customer’s skin problems. All product lines passed the tests of skin irritation and 11 chemical ingredients-FREE, bringing the best friendly solution for every skin concern.



Cult-Favourite Sheet Masks

When we talk about Banobagi, we always have their popular sheet mask collection in mind. From jelly mask, cocktail mask to premium injection mask, Banobagi sheet masks have been winning international popularity, including in Korea.

Vita Genic Jelly Mask

We would love to introduce you to the signature of Banobagi, it is a jelly mask with JEJU ingredients and vitamin complex. The mask pack is designed with prescription of different Jeju’s natural extracts for skin problems, namely Volcanic ash, spring water, cherry blossom, tangerine fruit, oxygen water, opuntia tuna fruit and aloe. Furthermore, it contains 9 types of more than 40,000ppm liposomal vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9, C and E to make your skin healthy, hydrated and radiant.

You may worry about the texture of jelly would cause stickiness but no, 100% cotton sheet also enhances the penetration of active ingredients.



Vita Cocktail Foil Mask

As similar to a jelly mask, the foil one contains 9 types of vitamin complex, plus mineral water to make your skin elastic and clear. With different types of natural-derived ingredients namely witch hazel for aqua suppliers, lemon for whitening and oats for anti-aging, the masks are ideal for a weekly schedule. It also is cotton texture, but more specially, it is an upper and lower mask with two parts separately, nice try!

All you have to do to see the miracle of these masks is apply them into your face in 10-20 minutes after washing face and using toner to prepare skin. 



Milk Thistle Repair Line



Featuring milk thistle extract, Banobagi is offering a range of repair products including toner, serum, cream, sunscreen and mask. The Milk Thistle line is specially made with just good skin-loving ingredients such as milk thistle extract, copper peptide, burdock root extract and madecassoside to repair, calm and hydrate stressed and sensitive skin.The formula is gentle and safe enough for all skin types. If you're looking for a range that's highly effective but won't irritate your skin, this is it. Our founder, Sen is absolutely obsessed with the Milk Thistle Cream which has soft texture making skin moist and soft without stickiness. She is a huge fan.

In the mood to treat your skin to the best Korean sheet masks which are easy to use at home or something new from Milk Thistle skin care with no harsh chemicals?

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