Korean Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

Are you looking for a Korean Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin which doesn't result in you having to forgo popular Korean skincare ingredients to achieve glowy, moistful skin? Then you've come to the right place, because we firmly believe that no one should have to miss out due to having sensitive skin. On the contrary, it's absolutely possible to have the best of both Worlds despite having sensitive skin. It's just a matter of finding which senstive skin-friendly ingredients and products allow us to bring soothing relief to our skin sensitivities whilst simultaneously mapping the way to attaining glossy, healthy skin which exudes a natural radiance

The Korean skincare routine for sensitive skin which we have put together for you, includes everything from a hypoallergenic oil-based cleanser, to a sunscreen which will help you to recover your skin barrier with a probiotic complex.


HEIMISH ALL CLEAN BALM (PM) - We're kicking off this kind-to-skin, skincare routine for sensitive skin with one of the most widely sold and highly appreciated oil-based cleasners for literally all skin types. The Heimish All Clean Balm has been commended for its soft-scoop, sorbet like texture which melts upon contact with skin to break down the oils and pigments of makeup, as well as sunscreen, for thorough cleansing which doesn't irritate skin

Its sleek texture it doesn't cause friction as you massage the soft texture into skin, and emulsifies effortlessly leaving skin feeling soft and smooth without residue. The formula contains a one-of-a-kind blend of hypoallergenic natural aroma oils to relieve skin tension, soothe, and improve skin texture and elasticity with daily use as the first step of your evening skincare routine.




Gel-type cleansers are the way forward to decrease the likelihood of experiencing irritation inflicted by cleansing. Low foam producing cleansers, such as this one from Hanbang inspired skincare brand Beauty Of Joseon, prevent skin dehydration but still ensure that skin is deeply cleansed to deter skin troubles caused by common impurities. This low pH formula aids in keeping skin balanced so skin remains comfortable and non-itchy after cleansing. Mung Bean Extract creates a synergy effect with Green Plum Water to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum whilst keeping skin feeling moist and fresh. Once again, this is another hypoallergenic skincare product which is safe to use on a daily basis.


NACIFIC REAL FLORAL TONER, CALENDULA (AM & PM) - This step is what really brings a great source of soothing-relief for sensitive directly after cleansing. This toner is powered by hydrating 91% real Calendula water and Allantoin to control skin irritation at the source with its natural antioxidant-rich properties to counteract the harmful effects of irritants. Its an all-round gentle yet highly effective product from soothing skin, replenishing moisture, and optimising skin health.




Described as a hero product for those in seek of skin-calming, anti-inflammatory skincare, the Banobagi Heart Leaf 100 Essence from Korea's reknowned dermatology clinic is a mighty reliever of symptoms commonly associated with sensitive skin types. 100% undiluted Houttuynia Cordate (Heartleaf) derived from Jeju Island, reduces skin redness and inflammation of sore and itchy areas of skin, and improves skin texture even after one use. This simple essence can be used as and when required, applied directly with the warmth of clean hands, or used with Banobagi Multi Sponge Pads for 5-minute masking.


BEAUTY OF JOSEON CALMING SERUM: GREEN TEA + PANTHENOL (AM & PM) - The confident choice between Beauty Of Joseon serums for sensitive skin, simply because it provides the essential antioxiants irritable skin types need in order to remain soothed, and long-lasting deep moisture for balanced skin. As a lightweight watery serum, it targets irritation with 76.49% Green Tea Leaf Water, plus 2% Panthenol to comfortbly take care of skin sensitivities without making skin feel suffocated and weighed down. An addtiional benefit of such a simple formula is being able to realitistically incorporate this serum into any skincare routine without drawbacks.




is an ideal option for sensitive and dry to combination skin as it creates a hydrating layer of protection at the skin barrier. This lotion like moisturising cream contains 72% Centella Asiatica Extract from the untouched nature of Madagascar to soothe irritated skin and strengthen a weakened skin barrier. Skin1004's unique blending technique achieves an adhesive and dewy cream without an oily and sticky texture for lasting moisture which does impair the quality and effectiveness of its key soothing ingredients.


DEAR, KLAIRS MIDNIGHT BLUE CALMING CREAM (PM) - a gentle cream that provides comfort to rapidly calm & soothe skin sensitivity. Its star ingredients are Guaiazulene - a natural component extracted from chamomile oil - which carries powerful skin calming abilities, and Centella Asiatica which helps hydrate and relieve redness. It's a evening moisturiser that allows sensitive skin to recover from sun exposure, and can even be used for sensitive oily skin types.




Does this sunscreen even need introducing? Okay, just for anyone who hasn't heard about this trending sunscreen, the Beauty Of Joseon Relief Sun is a chemical sunscreen that offers gentle and powerful UV Block with its SPF50+ PA++++ broad spectrum protection. This moist daily sunscreen is enriched with 30% Rice Bran Extract and Grain Probiotics that deeply hydrate and nourish skin, and is formulated with EWG green level certified ingredients with skin calming ingredients suitable for sensitive skin. The lightweight moisturizing cream formula adheres lightly to the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a white cast.

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