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K-beauty meets our personal care and beauty needs beyond skincare and makeup. The K-beauty industry continues to grow exponentially by uncovering Korean hair care secrets to help you to acheive your hair goals with salon professional formulas that reveal healthier, strengthened, and glossier hair - all with little effort and at affordable prices. Which brings us to our latest obession, La'dor , the professional Korean haircare brand inspired by various hair concerns.

"Bring a miracle to your hair" with Lador's leading hair care formulas which revive dull and damaged hair types. "La'dor" is an acroynm of the words "Leaf" and "Adorable"; the meaning of this stems from the belief that combining nature-sourced ingredients with science-backed formulas is the way forward to achieving beautiful hair which is healthier in both appearance and condition. Since 2007, La'dor have been introducing nourishing hair care products of salon quality as home hair care treaments containing premium Keratin and Silk with plant-extracts, and more.


At Glam Touch, we offer a selection of some of La'dor's most loved and appreciated hair care products including their best-selling Perfect Hair Fill Up Hair Ampoule and LPP range. These keep your hair in tip-top condition despite heat styling, and the use of hair dyes and perm treatments.

La'dor Perfect Hair Fill Up (Hair Ampoule) -Experience noticeable changes after just one use with this highly-enriched hair ampoule from La'Dor that got the K-beauty community talking! One treatment is all it takes to have sufficently hydrated hair for 72 hours, with further hair-supporting effects which can last for up to 7 days! Supplies protein, maintains moisture balance, protects hair from damage, and helps it stay soft and shiny.

Powdered by Collagen and Keratin Proteins this hair ampoule helps support weak and brittle hair strands from root to tip for strengthened hair, controlled frizz, and sleek hair that's more manageable. This luxurious hair treatment ampoule also features a complex of Ceramides and Amino Acids which impart are much-needed to restore moisture and tame frizziness. This pocket-sized hair miracle contains 0% water to allow the proteins and hydrating ingredients to fully lock in and protect hair strands for up to 72-hours, and maintain a polished look which can last up to 7 days.

La'dor perfect hair fill-up hair ampoule


La'dor Keratin Power Glue (Keratin Ampoule) - a leave-in hair treatment to wrap up the 4-Step Intensive Hair Care Routine. Fills in lost protein, and lays the foundation to support your hair with collagen, snail mucin, and straight up moisture. No need to rinse off.

Featuring hydrolyzed keratin (protein), hydrolyzed collagen,and snail mucin, this intensive hair pack is designed to function like an 'essence' at the same time, supplying dry, worn, and damaged hair with much needed support and nutrients, and in the process, helping to bring back that lost radiance.

This treatment coats hair stands for smoother and healthier hair which is protected during the use of heat styling tools, and onwards for 24-hour care. Use the Lador Lador Keratin Power Glue to smooth out fly-aways, seal dry split ends, and restore silkiness to coarse hair. The small size of the protein adheres to your hair, filling in the gaps and strengthening it. You only need to apply the Keratin Hair Glue and leave it in for it to get to work.

La'dor keratin power glue


La'dor Keratin LPP Shampoo - is the first recommended step in La'dor's Hair Care Routine, containing a blend of quality ingredients like silk and wheat protein while excluding the bad stuff, making sure that all hair types (including dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair) are gently but thoroughly cleansed and taken care of.

This slightly-acidic, reparative shampoo is infused with naturally-derived proteins extracted from Wheat, Corn, and Beans to fortify hair strands with nutrients and moisture. By neutralising hair into sub-acidity, hair becomes more balanced with improved luster and elasticity. Key ingredients: Jojoba, Avocado, Baobab tree, Eucalyptus, Argan, Lavender flower, Castor, and Camellia for easy to manage, shiny, and healthier hair. Use together with the La'Dor Hydro LPP Treatment for optimal effectiveness.

La'dor Hydro LPP Treatment - is an intensive protein hair treatment for dry, and severely damaged hair recommended as the second step in La'dor's Hair Care Routine, taking the place of a conditioner. Featuring low molecular weight ingredients to better penetrate the tiny crevices found in damaged hair, this shampoo supports the achievement of healthier, shinier, and a more elastic hair.

It's formulated with three kinds of proteins and natural vegetable oils to keep the hair moisturized and form a moisturizing film to give your hair elastic and healthy hair.

One of the critical needs of damaged hair - especially hair damaged by processes like perms and dyes - includes moisture, protein, and collagen. La'dor Hydro LPP Treatment is just the ticket for urgent care for hair. Key ingredients: Hydrolyzed Silk, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Hydrolyzed Collagen to provide sheen, softness, and strength to damaged and rough hair.

La'dor ACV Vinegar Shampoo - an Apple Cider Vinegar infused shampoo for deep hair and scalp cleansing, that leaves the hair and scalp feeling refreshed at each and every use. Why Apple Cider Vinegar?: Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Extract are particularly effective at deep cleansing and neutralising hair odour. It cuts through sebum build up at the scalp and traces of impurites imbedded in hair, including the build up of hair styling products, to replenish moisture and transform dry and dull hair types to become softer and glossier. ACV is also rich in proteins and Yeast Ferment Extract to leave your hair feeling silky smooth with less tangles

To this shampoo, 16 kinds of plant extracts with a high vitamin content have been added to nourish hair. This pH balanced shampoo (pH 5.0) is free from parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, animal products, mineral oils, essential oils, and silicone. And is also cruelty-free.

La'dor ACV Vinegar Shampoo


La'dor ACV Vinegar Treatment - follow up with this hair shine restoring treatment after rinsing off the La'dor ACV Vinegar Shampoo for maximium benefits. This hair treatment is specially formulated for hair that is damaged, dry, and dull from heat styling tools, hair colouring, and perms. It contains 16 kinds of plant extract with high content of vitamins and 4 kinds of vegetable oils to remove scalp build-up, and add shine to hair.

This treatment is rich in nutritious protein and yeast ferment extract that help you achieve soft and sleek strands. Ingredients like natural carotene, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10 effectively moisturize and boost shine while maintaining hair's natural water/oil balance for voluminous hair with a healthy sheen.

La'dor ACV Vinegar Treatment


If your main hair concerns are hair-thinning and hair-loss, La'dor have hair care for you too! La'dor's Dermatical Hair Loss Shampoo and Dermatical Hair Loss Treatment for thin hair provide essential nourishment for weak hair types to minimise hair fall out and promote hair growth of healthy and strengthened hair follicles.

Discover the full range of La'dor products at Glam Touch, here.

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