Let us introduce you to SKIN1004, one of the latest Korean skincare brands to come to Glam Touch. SKIN1004 strongly focuses on encapsulating the pureness of Centella Asiatica extract in their product formulas. And so each and every one of their products brings a touch of nature in the form of skincare, delivering the purest quality and highest possible concentration of Centella Asiatica to skin without the inclusion of unnecessary chemicals.

Where it all started: the story behind the creation of SKIN1004

During the early stages of brand development, the creators behind Skin1004 actively searched for high quality raw materials which would be safe for even the most sensitive of skin types. They were primarily in search of an ingredient sourced from nature that brings several benefits and is used among the local people in the country of origin. Their research led them to Madagascar – the oldest Island on Earth – where they discovered how Centella Asiatica is used for it’s healing and skin protective properties when used as a topical treatment. 



Centella Asiatica thrives in the climate conditions of Madagascar, resulting in a high quality crop which grows organically in a pristine environment. Knowing this, Skin1004 only uses Centella Asiatica harvested from Good Agricultural and Collect Practices (otherwise known as ‘GACP’). GACP is a certified farming group which oversees the harvesting, drying, and conservation of Centella Asiatica. They are highly skilled experts who systematically pick the leaves in a way which prevents contamination which would otherwise subsequently degrade the quality of the harvest. 

Skin1004 always abides by EWG Green Grade standards when importing Centella ingredients from Madagascar. This enables them to uphold a minimalistic approach when it comes to production of their products by eliminating the use of excessive and unkind-to-skin ingredients. In doing so they curate safe and mild cosmetics suitable for all skin types. 

Why focus on Centella Asiatica?


Many of you reading this may already be familiar with K-beauty. But if you are new to the exciting World of Korean skincare, Centella extracts – widely referred to as "Cica” – is used in almost every Korean skincare product out there but in differing amounts. Cica has historically been used in Hanbang (Korean herbal medicine) for centuries as an internal supplement and topical ointment. In skincare it is used for its ability to reduce inflammation mainly due to it’s Madecassic Acid content, which effectively and rapidly calms and soothes irritable skin types. With the additional benefit of a potent concentration of antioxidants, Centella extracts serve as a way to care for damaged skin.

SKIN1004 at Glam Touch

We currently stock all Skin1004 long-time best-sellers including the Madagascar Centella line & Hyalu-Cica range. Here’s a brief breakdown of what each product line and some of their star products have to offer...


As highlighted above, this collection focuses on using high concentrations of Centella Asiatica to soothe, calm, hydrate, balance and restore damaged and sensitised skin types back to a healthy state. It can help to alleviate inner and outer dehydrated skin without a heavy, oily or sticky finish.



Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Toning Toner (210ml) this watery toner allows for delicate removal of dead skin cells without invasive physical exfoliants to keep the skin barrier strengthened. It uses PHA, which has a higher molecular weight than AHA & BHA, to slowly penetrate skin to soften dead skin cells and gently remove excess sebum. 

As this formula works gently yet effectively it is well suited to sensitive and acne-prone skin types, but can equally be beneficial to all other skin types. The moisturising ingredients within this toner help to rapidly restore moisture back into the deeper layers of skin which may have been lost through harsh cleansing or weather conditions.

It also works to balance skin with a slightly acidic pH of 5.5 to closely match the natural pH level of healthy skin. This formula is non-comedogenic and has surpassed allergen testing.

Other notable ingredients: 

  • Adenosine for wrinkle improvement
  • Multifunctional Niacinamide
  • Natural moisturising factors (Hyaluronic Acid & Betaine).

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule (available in 55ml & 100ml) – the go-to for tending to a weakened, compromised, or sensitive skin barrier. This lightweight and quick absorbing ampoule contains 100% Centella Asiatica Extract and nothing else to bring superb calming relief to irritable skin types including acneic skin. The water-like texture doesn’t leave a trace of unwanted stickiness, and is almost undetectable a few seconds after application as it simply works rapidly to soothe skin. 

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Cream (75ml) – a daily moisturising cream which reinforces skin’s moisture barrier with certified organic Betaine, Squalene, and Erythritol, to condition skin with a non-oily soft texture which adheres well to skin to provide long-lasting moisture for dry-normal skin types. It further contains 72% Centella Asiatica Extract of high purity and key elements of TECA* to elevate the soothing effects of the cream. 

*TECA is a concoction of multiple Centella extracts/derivatives such as Madecassoside, Madecassic Acid, and Asiatic Acid.

Additional key ingredients: Panthenol & Sodium Hyaluronate for improved moisture retention. 

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Soothing Cream (75ml) – an ideal option for combination and oily skin types which feel more comfortable with gel-cream type textures. Like the cream version of this moisturiser, the gel-cream contains a generous 72% worth of Centella Asiatica. This much loved plant extract has been blended with 4 types of Ceramides, Cholesterol and Stearic Acid, to properly strengthen a collapsed skin barrier which lacks plumpness and firmness. This light brown gel-cream applies to skin with a non-tacky, refreshing and cooling feel that spreads evenly and easily. Skin is left looking dewy and feeling sufficiently hydrated and balanced. 

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil (200ml) – is infused with MCT Oil derived from coconut to create an oil-type Centella Asiatica Extract for gentle yet thorough cleansing. It contains six kinds of botanical oils to prevent skin irritation, and remove makeup residue, whilst also purifying pores to reduce the number of blackheads and sebum build up. This oil-based cleanser offers micellar cleansing to rinse away debris and common impurities without leaving residue.

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Travel Kit (5 Pieces) – from cleansing to basic essential skincare, this kit provides miniature versions of 5 best-selling Skin1004 products to help overcome skin fatigue and refresh skin after travelling. This set includes the following:

  • Step 1 – Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil (30ml)
  • Step 2 – Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam Cleanser (20ml)
  • Step 3 – Madagascar Centella Toning Toner (30ml)
  • Step 4 – Madagascar Centella Ampoule (30ml)
  • Step 5 – Madagascar Centella Soothing Cream (30ml).

This set can be used to keep skin feeling its best and healthy whenever and wherever. And is also a great way to try out multiple Skin1004 products at once before purchasing them full-sized.




This is the latest skincare range by Skin1004. It has been created as a multifunctional cosmetic collection to bring skin brightening and anti-aging functions with a special Hyaluronic Acid complex plus Skin1004's signature Centella extracts. It is the go-to for improved moisture retention and skin soothing benefits rolled into one.

Skin1004 Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner (210ml) - a deeply hydrating and skin softening watery toner that contains AHA and LHA for gentle exfoliation. AHA removes excess dead skin cells which accumulate at the surface of skin, whereas LHA removes minuscule impurities embedded within pores. These ingredients also help to enhance the natural glow of the skin.

Furthermore, this toner holds 74% Madagascar Centella Asiatica Leaf Water to swiftly calm, repair and and heal depleted skin types, whilst nano-sized ceramides are deeply absorbed into skin to improve skin elasticity and strengthen the skin barrier.

Skin1004 Hyalu-Cica Blue Serum (50ml) - experience all day long hydration with Skin1004's perfected Hyalu-Cica formula, the golden ratio of moisturising Hyaluronic Acid & soothing Cica (Centella). This formula is equally suitable for consistently dull, dry and rough skin types, as it is for oily skin which is greasy at the surface but lacks plumpness and inner hydration. This unique gel-like serum additionally contains a Ceramide Biome complex to keep skin's moisture barrier in prime condition; this ingredient also prevents trans-epidermal water loss in the deeper layers of skin.

Skin1004 Hyalu-Cica Sleeping Pack (100ml) - this nourishing overnight mask features key ingredients Niacinamide and Adenosine for brightening and anti-wrinkle effects, both of which also contribute to maintaining skin health and a youthful appearance. Natural ingredients Artemisia Herba and Hibiscus Esculentus extract have been added to enhance skin elasticity, protect the skin barrier for external factors, and act as a mild corrective for dull complexions. Overall, this sleeping mask pack helps to stabilise a dehydrated moisture barrier and form a balanced water-oil ratio.

You can discover Skin1004 through our website, and at our Soho shop!

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