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The History of Whoo Radiant White 5pcs Special Gift Kit (Mini Kit)


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Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White line is brightening functional anti-aging skincare line which promotes flawless, bright complexion from deep within. 

Seol Radiant White Balancer is a luxurious balancer promotes a transparent and clear complexion whilst enhancing the absorption of subsequent skincare steps.

Seol Radiant White Emulsion is created with Wild Chrysanthemum and Korean herbal extracts, to help keep the skin vibrant, bright, and moisturised.

Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream is a brightening cream that helps deliver refreshing moisture to help hydrate and refine the complexion. It minimises lifeless, and uneven skin tone resulting in a bright, transparent and youthful glow.

Seol Radiant White Ultimate Corrector is an intensive spot corrector that reduces the appearance of dark spots, discolourations, and redness caused by skin aging and UV exposure. The advanced formula refines the look of uneven skin tone, leaving skin looking renewed and vibrant. 

Seol Brightening Foam Cleanser is a brightening cleanser that lathers into rich foam, effectively removes impurities and surface oils.

Star Ingredients:

• Pearl Ginseng™

• ChilHyangPalBaekSan

• SeolGamSan (Yang Guifei's beauty secret)

• Chrysanthemum Water Extract

What is in the box:

• Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Balancer (Sample) 20ml

• Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Emulsion (Sample) 20ml

Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream (Sample) 4ml

• Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Ultimate Corrector (Sample) 4ml

• Gongjinhyang: Seol Brightening Foam Cleanser (Sample) 13ml